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the 12 ing's of xmas aw19

Christmas 2019 saw an extension to Oasis' Autumn campaign 'The ing's of Autumn". Continuing the theme of the busy woman and the on-the-go attitude of the polymath woman, our customer is always busy doing something at this time of year. The seasonal festivities of Christmas bring lots of things to think about and take part in and this campaign captured them all perfectly.

From carolling to wrapping to decorating and travelling, the Oasis customer does it all (in style of course!) The campaign showed a series of images showing just what we all get up to at this time of year. The forest visuals was taken from the shoot and reflected onto the exterior or the flagship store. 

As well as a sizeable LED ring to replicate the staple 'loupe' used in Oasis window displays, in the vinyl itself was hundreds of twinkling LED lights, a delicate yet thoughtful touch to capture the excitement of Christmas.

In-store, the 3rd window area saw the space filled with giant snow dusted trees and a group of 'fashion queens' acting out every 'ing' in the campaign. Every aspect, even down to the flooring was considered in this campaign, perfectly conveying the busy nature of the Christmas season.

the 12 ing's of xmas aw19: Text
the 12 ing's of xmas aw19: Work
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