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oasis pride campaign 2019

London Pride is one of the most prestigious events of the summer; a festival that provides a platform for every part of London’s LGBT+ community. In 2019 also saw the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall riots. Oasis decided that this was the year to go big! 

In collaboration with typographic artist 'Lucinda Ireland', We reiterated the 2019 pride slogan 'Love is Lovely'. The rainbow-hued, graffiti-style graphics covered the flagship store in Argyll St, making huge impact by working the design onto the exterior of the building. ​

Elsewhere, vinyl hearts are applied to the pavement, leading customers into the store. Inside, LGBT+ mannequins hold signposts and banners reiterating the  ‘Love is Lovely’ message,  a subtle reminder of the rightful protest, activism and victories of the stonewall riots

Other stores such as Brighton, Manchester and Tottenham Court Road all followed a consistent design.

oasis pride campaign 2019: Text
oasis pride campaign 2019: Work
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