Glean Upcycling App for a Sustainable Future


This outcome was a response to a brief asking for the creation of a brand from a given word. The word I was given was 'sustain'. I wanted to focus on the theme of upcycling and reducing unneeded waste. I decided to play on the recent trend of refurbished furniture and household objects to do this. 

I began by thinking about brand strategy. This includes the brands tone of voice, brand values, colour pallette, target audience, positioning, customer relations, logo, and brand name. I chose to call my brand 'Glean'. This name came from the idea of salvaging unwanted goods. I chose a muted colour pallette in order to convey the brands friendly tone. This is supported by the bold, rounded font.




App Design

Brand Development

Conceptual Development

Idea Generation

Brand Strategy

Logo Design


As well as a mobile application, other elements included; stickers and tissue paper for packaging orders, promotional material, web assets and a welcome email. This was great opportunity to create cohesive design with a strong brand strategy.