Crisis X Musicians Against Homelessness X UAL


This was a collaborative project, creating print and digital event promotion for a gig held in London. The gig was arranged to raise awareness of the rising issue of homelessness. We were asked to design visuals that communicate the problems faced by those living on the streets whilst upholding a exhibition worthy campaign concept.

We began by researching the issues surrounding homelessness and familiarised ourselves with music and event promotion design. We thought that by subtly hinting towards homelessness in our visuals we would be able to promote the event without the harsh negative imagery. We chose to do this because we wanted to lightly reference the cause whilst avoiding any provocative or obvious images of homelessness. The main purpose of the poster was to promote the event, therefore this type of imagery would have distracted from the event details and text.


Collaborative Practice

Event Promotion


Print Production

Idea Generation

Visual Communication


Campaign Creation

We used textures that can be found outside amongst the hustle and bustle of everyday life to connote the idea of litter, carelessness and dismissal. We manipulated a bold font to work with the folds in the texture itself whilst keeping the the message legible and with a clear hierarchy. We used the same theme for our event leaflets, using the colour red to relate the event back to 'Crisis'. We also created a short GIF that would be shared online to help promote the event. 

Finally, we created a series of postcards that used keywords and statistics to highlight the plight. All of the work was showcased at the gig in an exhibition area.