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Genius Loci - The Essence of a Location


This outcome was a response to a brief asking for something that captures the essence of a chosen location. Allowing the viewer to feel and understand the space fully. 


My chosen location was 'The Royal Albert' pub in New Cross, London. This pub is full of character and has a very welcoming and friendly atmosphere. it is almost always busy and has lots of ambient lighting to suit the live jazz that its hosts every weekend. It serves wonderful home cooked meals and has a wide array of alcohols to suit every taste. I began by photographing the location and jotting down some key themes, keywords and observations. The many layers of this wonderful venue soon began to unfold. You could just sit and watch forever. 


I chose my favourite images from the shoot and used them as a base for my idea, a photographic cocktail kit.


Product Design


Conceptual Development

Idea Generation

Visual Communication

Graphic Storytelling


I pulled out the most prominent tones of an image and matched each colour to a spirit. I then researched the qualities of each alcohol to understand the alcohols density. I wanted the kit to represent the layers of the venue through the interactive activity of layering the spirits as they are poured. 


The other outcome for this brief was an observational activity which allowed me to put my creations back into the environment. I used my images to create cardboard coasters that I left in the space for different amounts of times. I watched each coaters condition change with its use and then collected them at the end of the night. The comparison of a new and used bar mat really captured the busy yet relaxed vibe that the venue emits. 

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