Self-Initiated Project -



This self-initiated project explored the idea of perception through photography. We are all guilty of generating different opinions and judgements of those around us, even from a simple photograph. The fact that we rely on an image to portray us in a certain way can even be seen as 'cheating reality'. These perceptions are informed only by what we assume that person to be like.

I began by playing around with many different photographic processes such as photograms, film photography, chemical post-editing, and digital photography. For the final outcome, I wanted to enhance the idea of perception by allowing my models to understand how they see themselves in comparison to how I saw them. 


Product Design

Print Production


Conceptual Development

Idea Generation

Photographic Processes

I took a series of photographs for each model, involving lots of different expressions. I then asked them to choose the one they thought represented them the most and why. I then chose the image I thought most represented them and explained why. With this information, I created a card game. Each model has four cards, their chosen image and explanation, and my chosen image and explanation. In the pack, there is only instructions as to how to match the cards but there are no correct answers, adding the players level of judgement to the game.