Adrian Moore Funerals -

Brand Creation


This outcome was a response to a D&AD New Blood award brief, asking for a real world or digital brand experience. The company wanted the activation concept to bring potential future members into the world of ‘mutual giving’. This tounge-in-cheek experiential campaign allowes the public to explore giffgaff’s brand values through a series of fun and exciting activities. 

I began by researching the company and what it stands for. I looked into their design thinking and brand strategy to figure out how to approach my campaign. I decided to play on the company's relaxed tone to enhance the customer experience as well as the brands reputation.

Each room in the giffgaffgaff represented a different value held by giffgaff as a company. The 'GIF booths' indicated towards the brands connection to the digital age, being very committed to their online customer service, giving answers in seconds  in comparison to other companies who deals with things over the phone with long waiting times. The GIF booth held an interface that would potentially gain new customers and also spread the word about giffgaff via the participants social media. This came in the form of giffgaff branded GIF booth frames.


App Design

Brand Development

Conceptual Development

Idea Generation

Brand Strategy

Experiential Marketing


Brand Activation

The 'Network Escape Room' expressed how other carriers trap you into a contract were as with giffgaff, users are free to come and go as they like. In the network escape room, there is a bag of eleven keys, each key unlocks a box with a number behind it, making up a whole mobile number. Once the number is revealed, it can be entered into a large phone attached to the wall. if the number is entered correctly, a key will appear, releasing the participant from the escape room.


Finally the garden area of the giffgaffgaff held The 'giffgaffwhiffwhaff' a community table tennis area in which giffgaff's attitude to helping each other out via communication amongst it's members. giffgaff is a mobile network that is effectively run by its users. Users are rewarded when they help each other out and can earn credit and rewards by doing so.

All activities give participants a chance to gain these 'payback points' when interacting with the house. This is effectively an incentive for new members to join whilst interacting with the giffgaffgaff. If the participant is already a member, the points get added to their account, giving them rewards and prizes.