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Voyager Space Mission KS2 Teaching Pack





Conceptual Development

Infographic Design

Idea Generation


Visual Communication

Print Production

This outcome was a response to a brief asking for a clear and engaging editorial piece which explains the Voyager Mission alongside some kind of designed outcome in response to an aspect or several aspects from the Voyager Mission. After research, I decided to approach to this brief using information translation and by targeting specific target audiences. 

In terms of the editorial outcome, I decided to research the mission alongside the KS2 primary curriculum to create a cross-curricular teaching guide. This covered the subjects of Science, Art, English and Maths and is designed to differ from the often patronising teacher facing resources. This mission overview aims to give extensive knowledge to the teaching staff along with guidance on how to translate this information to pupils using the other resources in the pack.

The designed outcome also came in the form of an editorial piece. 'Buzz and Luna's Voyager Adventure' is a children's storybook which follows twins, Buzz and Luna, on the path of the Voyager spacecrafts. As they encounter each planet, there are indications about the discoveries and atmospheres of each planet from the original mission. The book uses keywords from the KS2 curriculum throughout and has a glossary explaining the words in a child friendly manner at the back of the book. I created the books illustrations using craft materials, something that KS2 children should be familiar with.

Other resources in this pack include; worksheets, golden record replicas for tactile learning, activities and a Voyager spacecraft wall poster.

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